Hello everybody and welcome to MBISS C.I.B. MultiCH Rottzridge Celtic Shadow “Gyasi” official website.g

Let me introduce you our big boy…from the beginning:

“This litter of 11 were born on the 10/10/10. A total of 7 bitches and 4 dogs. This mating has joined some of the top bloodlines of Europe and Africa and I must say we are very pleased with the outcome.”

This is what Jane and George Anthony of Rottzridge kennel said about that litter and it was what we were looking for.

Gyasi’s dam is the gorgeous Trendsetter Aza vom Rottzridge “Kash”, bred in the UK and owned by Jane and George Anthony; sire is the proud Pronkberg Makari, imported directly from SA and owned by Sara Venturelli of Harmakhis Wisdom kennel.

It’s easy to recongnise his parents’ characteristic traits when you look at Gyasi.

But who is Gyasi?

He’s a smart and respectful dog, very loyal to his family. A proud and impressive Ridgeback: you can feel his confidence just looking him in the eyes or watching him moving.
Active and always ready to play, run or chase rabbits: that’s why Gyasi has a strong musculature and skeletal structure.

He’s interested on what happens around him, alert and territorial. Observant with strangers, but sweet and gentle with the people he loves.
Generally friendly with bitches, he tends to be dominant with other males, even though he’s very professional in the show ring.

He’s calm and pleasant indoors, both at home and public places: we bring him to restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops and he always behaves well and waits patiently. No sign of fear or stress in crowded places: Gyasi is a very balanced dog.

Classy and elegant, you always get notice when you bring him out for a walk.

Gyasi is always paying attention to his beloved humans, even when off leash: easy to recall, though he will hardly leave our side.

We love him so much and feel so lucky to share our lives with this stunning boy.

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